NECA Releasing a Life-Size Slimer Replica

Slimer Replica

The Ghostbusters craze is just starting, perfect timing for NECA to tease the release of a Life-Size Slimer Replica.

The ghost who was made famous in the 1984 classic movie is being brought to life by NECA. They created a foam Slimer replica based on the original movie molds.

The figure is going to measure 3 feet tall and will be made up of foam rubber and latex and will be hand painted to ensure the realistic detail.

Slimer Replica



We just have to say, this would be the perfect addition to any fan of the series or as an addition to a Halloween haunt.

Just make sure to keep the hot dogs away from him.

If you want to pick up this beauty, you will need to wait until it is released in August 2016.

Let us know what you think of the Slimer replica.

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