NECA Releasing Xenomorph Warrior Arcade Figure

Xenomorph Warrior Arcade

Whether you were Col. Hicks or Ellen Ripley, Xenomorphs were a handful to deal with in one of the goriest coin-ops games in the 1990’s.

NECA is bringing to life the Xenomorph Warrior Arcade figure from the arcade world and on to your collectible shelf.

We have to say that we love the path NECA is going by bringing old arcade characters to the 3D world, like they did with Contra.

The Xenomorph figure is going to stand 9 inches tall and will come with a bendable tail in addition to over 30 points of articulation.

The figure is going to come with a Facehugger, Chestbuster, and egg accessories.

Here are a few images of the Xenomorph Warrior Arcade figure and images on what it was based on.


Do you think the Xenomorph Warrior Arcade figure is a worth edition to the NECA lineup?

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