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New Amiibo Figures March 2016


Prepare for some must have Nintendo Amiibos.

If you collection has been feeling kind of lacking recently, you can expect to see things change with new Amiibo Figures March 2016.

We already had a chance to collect some of the Amiibo figures released in January, like Shovel Knight and the soon to be released Lucas.

But who says Nintendo is done. Here are the four new Amiibo Figures we can expect to see on the shelves.

Smash_Bros_Amiibo_RoyRoy Amiibo Figure

The main character from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade game will lend you sword and expertise with short range combat.




Smash_Bros_Amiibo_RyuRyu Amiibo Figure

When it comes to the legendary fighting game, Street Fighter, there is one fighter who sticks out above the rest, Ryu. Be prepared to use the Dragon Punch and spam Hadoken.




Smash_Bros_Amiibo_Wolf_LinkWolf Link Amiibo Figure

The legendary twilit beast form of Link, from the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, will carry the mischievous imp Midna into the fray to battle for you.




Smash_Bros_Amiibo_Rob_Famicon_ColorsR.O.B. Famicon Colors Amiibo Figure

The accessory released in 1985 made his reappearence as a playable character in games like Smash Bros and became a fan favorite. R.O.B. will be sporting his Famicon colors and ready to use his projectile attacks.

Are there any of these Amiibos Figures March 2016 you are going to pick up?

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