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New Breedable Legendaries in Monster Legends

New Breedable Legendaries

Picking up some legendary characters in Monster Legends has gotten a little easier.

Christmas has come early for Monster Legends fans with the new breedable legendaries that will be added to the exciting mobile game on a permanent basis. 

We have previously discussed the breedable legendaries. From the original ten to the  update they made in 2018. The addition of these new monsters is a good sign for the game. Not only does it enforce it is still being played on a regular basis, it means continue developmental support.

These are the new legendary monsters you will be able to breed.

  • Kassia (Skipples & Goldcore) 
  • Shalinar (Schorchpeg & Duchess)
  • Will Razor (Flip Lock & Faymelina)
  • Clivia (Erpham & Rhynex)
  • Ukuduma (Rabidex & Griffex)
  • Chill Bill (Razfeesh & Musu)
  • Jakugan (Natulius & Squamata Jr) 
  • Deadwolf (Dragoniaan Beast & Tartarus)
  • Malair (Darknubis & Pandalf)

Here is a handy little guide to remember the new breedable legendaries.

Monster Legends New Breedable Legendaries 2




Right off the bat, there are a few legendaries we want to focus on, specifically Will Razor and Deadwolf. We do have some interest in seeing what Malair would be like at level 130. 

There are a few others we may focus on, like Shalinar, but depends on timing. 

Overall, we think they went with some solid choices for permanent breedable legendaries. 


What do you think of these new Breedable Legendaries? Is there anyone they should have left off the list?

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