New Comic Title: Norah # 1 Epimetheus

Norah # 1 Epimetheus

A Must Read

When visiting Comics & More, we had a chance to pick up the new title, Norah # 1 Epimetheus and boy we are glad we did.

The story centers around Norah, who is able to tap into the mind’s eye and help find and retrieve a person who has slipped into a coma or help them move on to the other side.

You will get to see Norah in action as she tries to bring a young girl out of her coma. The end of the comic gives readers a glimpse of how Norah acquired these unique powers and what happened to throw her life into a tailspin.

We love the artwork throughout the comic as it gives you and area to focus on and leaves the of the background just that. The cover art is an attention getter for sure.

As an added bonus of getting the print before it was released at C2E2, we had a chance to meet the writer behind Norah # 1 Epimetheus, Kasey Pierce.

We are looking forward to the rest of this mini-series.

Norah # 1 Epimetheus 2Norah # 1 Epimetheus 3


  • Published by Source Point
  • Released Date March 2016
  • Story by Kasey Pierce
  • Art by Sean Seal
  • Cover by Jason Westlake


Make sure to check out this new title, Norah # 1 Epimetheus and let us know what you think.

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