New Day Figures Are Coming to Pop

New Day Pop Figures

The tag team, New Day, has become one of the most popular groups over the last year and Funko has decided to reward them.

We have highlighted other figures like Doctor Strange or Willy Wonka but there is something special about the New Day Pop figures.

When this trio first came onto the scene, their new gimmick did not stick right away. The WWE Universe started their “New Day Sucks” chant.

Over time, their antics began to win over the crowd and as a result, they have held the Tag Team titles for 447 days.

To make sure they are represented properly, Funko is releasing the following New Day figures.


  • Big E.
  • Xavier Woods w/Francesca
  • Kofi Kingston


Here are a few images to help build your excitement.









These figures are going to be available December 2016.

Let us know if you are going to pick up any or all of the New Day Pop Figures.



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