New DC Super Hero Girls Line Coming

DC Comics and Mattel have joined up to bring to life a new DC Super Hero Girls line of action figures this Spring.

The two giants have decided to take aim at girls by bringing their new world to life Right now, they are going to focus on the giving fans twelve inch figures, six inch figures, and various gadgets, like Bat Girl’s Utility Belt, for heroes in training to wear.

The following characters are part of the new DC Super Hero Girls universe.

Wonder Woman

Bat Girl

Harley Quinn



Super Girl

Poison Ivy

and more…

You can check out the official website for DC Super Hero Girls to learn more about the heroes.

We are glad to see DC getting on board with spreading the love to the opposite gender from their universe.with this new DC Super Hero Girls line.

They did a decent job with the figures they unveiled at the New York Comic Con, making sure they were more realistic than the typical female action figure, especially considering they are in high school

This looks like a step in the right direction in the action figure world.

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