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New Indie Comic: Light-Earth


Searching for something new from the comic world, look no further than Light-Earth.

We had a chance to pick up both issues, # 0 – 2, of Light-Earth in recent months and had the chance top meet the creator JR Blanton.

The series is a sci-fi fantasy epic story. In the realms of Light-Earth, an ancient enslaved world where the inhabitants are struggling to take back their freedom.

A few things come to mind when you hear the word fantasy but toss out what you know. There will be no hobbits, dwarves, elves, orcs, goblins, or trolls.

Do not expect to see any semblance of Lord of the Rings with this comic.

The story focuses on how war, hatred, and power struggles push the world toward the edge of destruction.

The story really moves forward through issue # 1. Evil Lord Vylezor has conquered the realm. Ravnor and Anarra have begun their search for a champion to save them. The follow-up issue we see Ravnor begin the journey to see if he possess the Warvac powers to challenge Lord Vylezor.

The flow of the comic is solid and keeps you moving through every panel and on to the next page. We for one are happy to have found this new comic and are looking forward to future installments.

JR has announced Light-Earth # 3 Kickstarter project will be live by the middle of July.


Make sure to grab a copy of one of the Light-Earth series if you come across them.

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