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New Lego Dimensions Characters

The release of the newest video game from Lego is getting closer and we are learning about new Lego Dimensions characters.

In addition to the characters you receive with the starter pack, we have found out the following characters are going to be playable.

Wonder Woman, 1980’s Astronaut, Scooby-Doo, Legolas, Marty McFly, Bad Cop, Unikitty, Emitt, Cyborg, Jay, Samurai X, and more.

There are some new vehicles we will see in the game too.

The Mystery Machine & the Delorean.

Who knows where this will end up in the grand scheme of video games. Will they find more success than Disney or Skylanders or will it be a lackluster attempt to cash in on a niche market in the video game world.

Right now it seems to us they are drawing heavily upon their Lego Universe with Ninjago and the Lego Movie characters, not to mention the DC Universe.

We could see Lego starting to bring in their new characters from the second Lego Movie depending on how the roll out goes. Hopefully Lego sees what happened between the scarcity of Skylanders Traps and Nintendo Amibos to make sure they have an ample supply for their customers.

What do you think of these new Lego Dimensions characters and who else would you add?

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