New Merchandise Alert: Skeleton Warrior Ursak the Guardian

The Commanding Warrior of the Legion of Light.

The Skeleton Warrior Ursak the Guardian figure was recently added to our store and it is sure to capture the attention of nostalgia fans. 

Weapons: Spring-powered Polarizer Rifle, Bone Buster Axe, Resonator Blaster, Skeleton Finder

Full of wisdom and tough as granite. Ursak is the kindly and eccentric uncle and guardian of Justin. Joshua and Jennifer Steele. While everyone else enjoyed Luminaire’s idyllic time of peace, To make sure that his family survives, he has created a huge arsenal of weapons, both ancient and advanced. Ursak has trained his nephews and niece in the use of these devices, as he had trained himself during Luminaire’s time of peace.

Now, Baron Dark’s era has come, and Ursak is ready to bust some skulls with his Bone Buster Axe and hand-held Resonator Blaster. Wise and strong from his years of training, he is respected and feared by the Skeleton Legion.

If you are interested in Skeleton Warrior Ursak the Guardian, you can find him on our Ebay store page.

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