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New Movie Toys Release Can Be Fickle

Star Wars The Last Jedi

Movies and toys have become synonymous over the years but it recent years, problems have started to creep in.

The change has taken place over time and now several things have been cropping up as potential problems with some of the movie toys release.

Do not get us wrong. We do love the tie-in we get with the actual movie and what they release in toy form.  Sure sometimes it feels like they are cramming it down on throats, but more often than not, there is a demand for it.

That being said, there are still some issues.

First there is a chance the release of the toys could spoil a scenario in the movie.

We saw this issue last year with Star Wars when they were trying to hide that Rey used a lightsaber, but some of the Walmart stores stocked their shelves sooner than expected. The same thing happened with some of the LEGO sets for movies like Captain America Civil War.

Another example is where we see major price gouging. We are all for making a profit but sometimes there has to be limits.

Movie Toys ReleaseOne example is for the upcoming Star Wars – The Last Jedi. Here is a recent Ebay listing that is selling a complete set of the action figures. They are have the price set at $500 for 10 figures, or a 500% markup. Even better, at the time of the listing, they do not even have the items in hand.

But will these issues bring about change?

Probably not as the almighty dollar is at play. Disney will spend some extra money to pull down the images when they can. In the end the majority will just see it as the cost of doing business.

Do you think anything should change with movie toys release in the future?

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