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New MyMoji FNAF Plush Toys Miss the Mark


Funko normally hits a homerun with their creation but the latest items for FNAF missed the mark in a big way.

We are fans of the game, but we think the creations of these MyMoji FNAF plush toys is going to be a mistake for the pop culture giant.

Before we get into why we think this, here are the basics on the plush toys. Funko has created plush heads of Bonnie, Foxy, and Freddy.  Each of these characters shares the same three emoji expressions.

For starters, we do not see a downside for creating a different plush figure for FNAF since their merchandise has been increasing in recent months.

Our biggest issue we see is the emoji trend is limiting it to the same three expressions.

We think Funko would have been better off if they either used all of the characters from FNAF with a different emoji or opted to use different emojis for the three they selected.

Here are a few of the images for the MyMoji FNAF plush toys so take a look.

MyMoji FNAF BonnieMyMoji FNAF FoxyMyMoji FNAF Freddy





If you want to see the other variations for Bonnie, Freddy, and Foxy, head over to Funko for the rest of the images.

While we are not interested in picking these up, FNAF fans will want to keep an eye out for them in October 2016.

Do you think they missed the mark with these MyMoji FNAF plush toys?

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