New Power Ranger Super Megaforce Toy Discovered on the Shelves

Power Boy and I were wandering the aisles of a new Toys’r’Us and stumbled across something new from the Power Rangers MegaForce toy line.

We found a US release of a Power Rangers Megaforce Gosei Great Megazord that originally was distrubuted overseas.

Bandai did this once before with the original Power Rangers Samurai series.

The going price for this was $79.99.

Now if this seems a little pricey, we did find something else for a more reasonable price.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Super Mega Cannon

That would be the new Super Mega Cannon from Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

Not only does it look cool, the actions sounds are a perfect match for it. On top of it, the price is only $34.99.

I am sure we can expect to see more Power Rangers Super Megaforce toys out in the coming months.

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