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New Power Rangers Super Mega Force Toys Have Arrived

Power Rangers Super Mega Force Megazord

Just like last year, Bandai has decided to unveil some new Power Rangers toys right before the holidays.

This time we are being treated to the new line of toys for Power Rangers Super Mega Force.

And boy are we excited they did.

Power Boy and I think this is one of the better design megazords in recent years, aside from the Samurai Megazord. I mean, how can you go wrong with the traditional color scheme.

A look at the back of the box showed us Bandai has a ton of things planned for the future of this megazord with the various vehicles to connect with.
In addition to the new megazord, there is a new weapon and a new mopher. While Power Boy was more excited for the new weapon than I was, we were both sold on the new Legendary Morpher.

Power Ranger Super Mega Force Morpher

What makes this more unique than previous morphers is there are small figures you can use as keys to activate it. The morpher will react differently to each key used and from the looks of it, there is a key for every member of the Power Rangers team, from the old school favorites to the new Mega Force Power Rangers.

Based on what we saw, we would advise you to pick these up before they are off the shelves.

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