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New PVZGW2 Content Update Trouble in Zombopolis Is No Real Trouble

Trouble in Zombopolis

 Summer is almost here and that means one thing, a free content update for PVZGW2!

The good people behind PVZGW2 have been busy working on the first content update Trouble in Zombopolis which will be available to everyone tomorrow.

We have to give kudos to the company for offering a free content update for fans of their video games. It is a nice change of pace from a world where you need to pay extra money for DLC or similar content. But that is a topic for another day.

On to the real reason we are excited for Tuesday, the Trouble in Zombopolis content update. Here are the biggest things of note.

  • New Plant variant Toxic Citron
  • New Zombie variant Breakfast Brainz
  • New Herbal Assault Map & Capital City Zombopolis with a new Mini-Boss Battle.
  • Zany Zombopolis Pack which will feature over 1,200 new customizable items. The expected cost is 40,000 and these packs have a higher chance to get legendary characters and hats.

Here are some of the more interesting highlights, good or bad, from the upcoming class changes.


Cactus /  The Jade Cactus is going to lose some of its impact damage.

Chomper / Increasing the effectiveness of the Digestion Upgrade, which could make Count Chompula over powered.

Sunflower / All variants are receiving a damage increase, something that is well deserved.

Pea Shooter /Had nothing that stuck out to us.

Citron / Will have the speed penalty removed from Ball form to Assault form

Rose  / Fire and Front Rose are both receiving an increased rate of fire so expect to see more of them wandering around.

Kernel Corn / Kernel, Party, and Pops Corn are having their magazines increased by 5.


Imp /The Mech Cooldown was reduced or all of the little guys by 30 seconds.

Deadbeard / You can escape the barrel instead of waiting until the timer is done.

Super Brainz / All variants are taking a hit with the Turbo Twister, especially since they are removing ability to cancel.

All-Star / Surprisingly had nothing done to this perfect class.

Scientists / The Chemist and Marine Biologist are both receiving a reduction in damage output.

Engineer / Another Zombie class that was left alone.

Foot Solider / The Tank Commander was also hit with the damage reduction bug.

You can read in-depth here about the rest of the Patch Notes.

If you are eager for the Trouble in Zombopolis update like we are, we will see you on the battlefield.

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