New PVZGW2 Variants We Want to See


With more updates on the horizon, it got us thinking.

Some recent posts this week gave hope to seeing PopCap making more free content and right away we thought of new PVZGW2 variants.

We have been playing PVZGW2 since the beginning and have always been a fan of it. From the characters they create to the intriguing playstyle.

But like ever thing else, it can get stale over time.

There are a couple of things the developers can do to help this. Create new maps, new team events, and new characters. The last one is near and dear to our hearts so we can up with a few new PVZGW2 variants we would like to see.

For the Plants, we would love to see these variants.

  • Ice Sunflower
  • Toxic Cactus
  • Electric Kernel Corn

On the Zombie side we would like to see the following

  • Ice Scientists
  • Electro Solider
  • Toxic All-Star
  • Ice Super Brainz

We know getting a new variant for either side may be a long shot, but we are sill holding out hope.

What PVZGW2 variants would you like to see come out?

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