New Samurai Jack Pop Figures Coming This Month

Funko creates their first full wave of Samurai Jack characters.

A new Samurai Jack Pop Figures wave finally gives fans more choices than one option or two and Funko’s choices are going to make this worth it for fans.

Sometimes the Pop Figures can be a hit or miss when it comes to animated series. A lot of it has to do with how the characters are normally drawn and whether they translate over or not. 

The following characters will be available in the new wave.

  • Armored Jack  **Chase Variant
  • Ashi
  • Da Samurai
  • The Guardian
  • High Priestess


Overall we think they did a good job with the character selections and designed some collector worth Pop Figures. You can’t go wrong with Jack or the High Priestess.

In the end, if we had to go with one, it would be the Armored Jack Chase Variant. The appearance of the figure makes it stand out, especially with the coloring.

You can order them online via Amazon, Pop in a Box, and Entertainment Earth.

We are just glad Funko has decided to give fans more options to chose from this time around.

Which of the new Samurai Jack Pop Figures are you going to keep an eye out for to add to your collection?

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