New Star Trek Original Pop Figures Coming.

Beam us up Scotty.

Funko is releasing new Star Trek Original Pop Figures and there is no doubt fans will be flocking to them. 

We have enjoyed Funko dipping back into the older shows to create updated versions of Pop Figures and just like Star Wars, the Star Trek fan base will always remain. 

The newest lineup is going to contain the following characters that will be certain to lighten your wallet.

  • Captain Kirk
  • Khan
  • Kirk (Mirror Mirror Outfit)
  • Spock (Mirror Mirror Outfit)
  • Sulu (Mirror Mirror Outfit)
  • Uhura (Mirror Mirror Outfit)
  • Spock with Cat **Funko Exclusive
  • Gorn with Weapon **Target Exclusive


We do like what Funko is doing with this lineup. Even with not adding Bones to the lineup, the addition of Sulu and Uhura makes up for it.

If we had to go with one, it would be between Gorn with the gun or Spock with the cat. Keep an eye out at your local Funko retailer to snap up your favorite characters,

Speaking of which of the Star Trek Original Pop Figures is on your list.

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