New Ultraman Set Better Than Expected

Create Epic City Battles

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the television show,Bandai & Tamashi Nations SH Figuarts Line is giving us a new Ultraman set and it better than expected.

Thanks to Comics Alliance we had a chance to check out some images of the upcoming set.

The new Ultraman set is going to feature a decent size figure with some moderate articulation. They is several sets of interchangeable hands for different uses.

The last thing we love is the addition of buildings to create your own epic battle with any of the Kaiju you may have around your house.


The price is expected to be around 8,600 yen or $75. It will be available in Japan but we are sure it will eventually make its way over here, one way or another.

Let us know what you think of the city addition to the Ultraman set.

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