New XXRay DC Vinyl Figures Being Released

Xxray DC Batman

See Inside Batman and other DC Heroes.

Thanks to Comicsalliance, we had a chance to check out some images of the new XXRay DC vinyl figures by Mighty Jaxx. First Kudos to Mighty Jaxx for giving us a different DC collectible.

From the images, you can tell the artist put a lot of time on creating the internal view of the DC characters by making sure we have more than just bones.

We get a good deal of organs present despite the limited view.

The figures are going to stand 4″ tall and the New 52 will be used as a jumping point for the creation.

Here are a look at the XXRay DC vinyl figure Superman and Flash. They are also going to give us Wonder Woman and the Joker.










Right now we are on the fence about these figures. We like the look of them but are not sold on the Xray look.

Perhaps we will have a better impression seeing them in person but right now, all of them appear to look the same on the inside.

Would you consider picking up the new XXRay DC vinyl figures?

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