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Nine New Pokemon Name For Upcoming Sun & Moon


Nintendo announced nine new characters for the new game coming to their 3DS family of  systems.

Fans were already excited for the new Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games, but now there is even more of a reason to with the announcement of new characters.

These Aloha region Pokemon will appear in the latest generation of the storied franchise. After a quick look at them, some are sure to become a fan favorite.

Here are the new characters you will get to see in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games.


Name: Tapu Koko           Electric/Fairy

Name: Charjabug.           Bug/Electric

Name: Vikavolt                Bug/Electric

Name: Drampa.               Normal/Dragon

Name: Bruxish.                Water/Psychic

Name: Cutiefly                  Bug/Fairy

Name: Togedemaru        Electric/Steel

Name: Rockruff               Rock

Name: Komala                 Normal

For a more in-depth look at the new character, you can head over to Nintendo.

Here is a video clip courtesy of Nintendo which includes some of the gameplay.


So mark those calendars for the November 18 release date for the new characters.

Let us know which of the new Pokemon characters you are most excited for.

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