Nintendo N-Box Coming Soon


Thanks to MCV, we have learned the N-Box should be coming to our grubby hands thanks to Nintendo. It should start appearing in the online Nintendo store shortly.

The N-Box is going to be a monthly subscription service, similar to Loot Crate, where for an undetermined set monthly price,

The N-Box is going to contain various items like clothes, toys, and other items featuring characters from the Nintendo universe.

This means we should see some good swag from characters like Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and more.

Nintendo is going to offer customer a chance to sign up for either 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year for this new service.

You may remember, Nintendo partnered with Loot Crate in 20014 when they offered an exclusive Amiibo subscription and the end result was a success.

With the plethora of similar boxes out there, Nintendo would be wise to take a look at what succeeds and what fails if they are going to have success. They key here will be to present subscribers with items they can not pick up at their local game store but also features character from their iconic games.

You can be sure we will be checking out the first N-Box when it comes out.

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