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Nintendo Opens Preregistration for Miitomo


Nintendo releasing their first smart device app.

Maybe Nintendo is late to the game but it does not make us any less curious about their app, Miitomo, which opened for preregistration.

The app will allow users to create Mii characters to act as their online persona, add friends via their Facebook or Twitter accounts, and then through a series of questions/answers, conversations could be sparked.

The direction Nintendo is taking makes sense since their are over 200 million Mii characters who existed across Nintendo systems worldwide.

The more you interact in the world, you will receive Miitomo coins which can be used to buy cool outfits and other things from the shop.


Head over to the link above, so you can preregister to receive a notification when Miitomo will be available for download in March.

The bigger question is how much an impact this Nintendo app will have on the social market.

The Mii Characters seem all well and fine when confined to the game system, but is there a desire by the Nintendo community to bring it with them outside of the video gaming world?

We have a few Mii Characters on our Wii and may give this new app a whirl to see how it shapes up.

Are you giving any consideration for Nintendo’s Miitomo?

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