One 12 Collective Red Pyramid Head by Mezco

Red Pyramid Head

Silent Hill’s executioner comes complete with the tools of his macabre trade.

One 12 Collective Red Pyramid Head by Mezco feels like it slipped out of the video game world and into ours. 

We have enjoyed what Mezco toys has done with their One 12 Collective line, like Ultraman

The One 12 figure will come with two head portraits, twelve interchangeable hands. It will have the Great Sword and Great Spear to track down it’s opponents and stand just under seven inches tall. 


The sculptor at Mezco Toys did a bang-up job with this design. While they did not need to worry about creating a realistic looking face, they took the time with the paint to bring the character to life. Every drop of blood or dusting of rust feels authentic.  

Honestly we love the addition of the extra, like the mannequin and the creeper bugs. Oh yes, the blood splatter effects too.

If we were a bigger fan of the Silent Hill franchise, we would be sure to add this to our collection.

Make sure to pre-order it from Mezco Toys for $100.00 and expect to see it later this year.

Are you going to add the Red Pyramid Head figure to your collection?

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