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One Way Fox Could Save the Fantastic Four

Save the Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four movies have been meh at best, but Fox still has a chance to make them a world wide success.

Some will say Fox should let the brand revert back to Marvel but there is one thing they can do to save the Fantastic Four.

To make another movie.

Yes, we said to make another Fantastic Four movie. Sure we know the three movies are at the top of list for worst super hero movies in the last ten years. There is still hope.

The best way to save this storied Marvel franchise is simple, Doctor Doom. Before you mention how the previous movies ruined Doctor Doom, hear us out.

He is hands down one of the top three villains in the Marvel universe. Just looking at his abilities to wield arcane powers should have him near the top of any list. Add in an seriously high intellect and he is downright dangerous. Doom[‘s backstory makes him a villain some people can fall in behind.

You may say, Doom was in the other movies and he did not do much for them. We will agree because they got it wrong with him.

If Fox was smart, they would take a different approach. Just like the trend we are seeing with rated R movies, Logan and Deadpool.

However this time, they should make it a Doctor Doom movie and the Fantastic Four are the antagonist. Should a basic backstory on Doom before reverting to the present day.

Maybe Doom has a plot to steal something valuable and the Fantastic Four step in to try and stop him. But instead of the heroes winning, we see Doom winning the first round.

We think this would work well because you could do two things.

  • Reintroduce us to the Fantastic Four without their own backstories, they are going to be just there.
  • A new take on the comic book movie where the point of view is from the villain and not the heroes.

We think this is the perfect way to save a valuable group of the a of the Marvel universe that needs to have their day. Perhaps that is the avenue they will take since talks of a Doctor Doom movie has been discussed lately.

What are ways do you think Fox could save the Fantastic Four?

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