Other DC Villain Origin Movies We Want To See

DC Villain Origin Movies

There is no reason why DC Comics and Warner Bros should not do more.

The success of the Joker has shown a path for success but are there other DC Villain Origin Movies that could succeed. 

The key to an origins movie would be to keep it grounded and make sure people can make a connection with him. The focus needs to reside on the development of the villain and not the hero. 

We already took a look at the Marvel side, but thought it was time to see if DC had any other villains to offer. 

Here are a few DC Villain Origin Movies that could hold some potential. 


The character has become a fan favorite over recent years. His lack of ‘super  powers’ makes him a prime contender. The gritty background could give moviegoers a similar bleak background as the character descends. 

Mr. Freeze

Outside of the Joker, we think this Batman villain has the potential to bring in the a wide range of viewers. This could be seen as a romance action movie if done properly. No we do not want Arnold back in the role. He can keep his ice puns to himself.


We had a glimmer of the man from the Green Lantern movie but not enough. We think if given the chance, it would work. A movie about him up until he got the ring could go along way with comic fans. 

We are sure there are more choices out there. If we had to make the single choice, it would be Deathstroke.

Are there any other DC Villain Origin Movies you would want to see?

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