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OTS: LEGO The Angry Bird Movie Sets

The Angry Birds Movie Sets

LEGO The Angry Birds Movie sets are on the toy’s shelves.

We knew this time would be coming the moment we heard the Angry Birds movie was announced.

At first glance, these sets seem to be the perfect meld of the Angry Birds franchise with LEGO.

These sets were discovered on the shelves at our local Toys’r’Us this week and range in prices from $19.99 to $89.99.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the sets.


King Pig’s Castle (# 75826) The castle will have a working gate, spiral egg chute, collapsible mini=towers, and launchable TNT Boxes with wings. You will get Red, Mighty Eagle, King Pig, Chef Pig, and the Foreman pig figures.





Piggy Pirate Ship (# 75825) The ship has moving paddles, sails, wench with a boulder, a crane with a net, but most importantly a hidden compartment. The set will come with Red, Bomb, Pirate Pig, and Leonard figures.



The Angry Bird Movie Set

Pig City Teardown (# 75824) This Angry Bird movie set includes a zip line, hot dog stand, small house, and a falling boulder. The figures included in the set are Red, Stella, and two piggies.




Angry Bird movie sets

Bird Island Egg Heist (# 75823) This LEGO set will include Matilda’s house, staircase catapult, trees, and a Piggy Trike. You will get Red, Matilda, and a Biker pig figure with the set.





Piggy Plane Attack (# 75822) – This LEGO Angry Birds Movie set is going to feature a Piggy Plane (complete with spinning propeller, landing wheels, 2 flick missiles, and a Piggy pilot) and a catapult, which you could use to launch Red.





Piggy Car Escape (# 75821) The smallest set is going to feature a Piggy car, with 2 exhaust pipes, a nest, 2 eggs, and an ice cream shooter. Chuck and a piggy figures will be included in the set.


So if you can’t wait for the movie to be released on May 20th, go pick up these Angry Bird Movie sets from LEGO.

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