OTS: New Marvel Spider-Man Lego Sets

A recent trip to Toys’R’Us helped us discover the most recent On The Shelves items that we had to share new Marvel Spider-Man Lego sets.

The first one is Carnage’s SHIELD Sky Attack (Lego Set # 76036). This set features the villain Carnage as he tries to escape from the SHIELD prison. There is a SHIELD agent in hot pursuit in his flying vehicle. Spider-Man is there to help him accomplish this with his super jumping ability.

We definitely dig the Carnage mini-figure but would like to see a bit of a variation from past Venom mini-figures. For a price less than $15, you can have this solid Marvel Lego set.

Marvel Lego Rhino Sandman Villian Team-upThe second set is Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team-Up (Lego set #76037). Two classic Spider-Man villains try to team up for a caper and hide out in a construction site. Spider-Man and Iron Spider team up to take the pair down but swing into an ambush.

We like the Rhino big figure they came up with and the construction set offers up some landscape to do the battle in. Iron Spider is a big bonus for us from this set. The price of $39.99 is adequate and not too expensive.

Let us know what you think of the new Marvel Spider-Man Lego sets and if you are going to pick one of them up.

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