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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

Our 2016 Best and Worst

2016 Best And Worst

The end of the year is here and we wanted to share what things from 2016 left an impression on us.

We reviewed a wide variety of things this year and wanted to share with you our 2016 best and worst.

The focus of this discussion centers on the following categories; Movies, Video Games, Comics, and WWE.

On the surface, we thought this would be something we be easy until we started to look deeper into it.

Finally after pouring through our various articles we came up with out list of 2016 Best and Worst.

Best Movie Captain America Civil War / Zootopia

Civil War showed why Marvel has been head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to super hero movies. The universe continues to expand and this is a good thing. Zootopia had plenty of good moments that made you laugh and have us something different aside from sequels. JG13 Gamer and I had a disagreement with this one, partially because I had not seen Zootopia yet.

Worst Movie Batman Vs Superman

This movie edged out TMNT 2 to claim the top spot as the worst movie of 2016. We did enjoy some of the action in the movie but there some major plot holes that kept us from getting sucked into it. Martha was a big reason we felt the movie was lackluster.

Best WWE Moment Hands down this goes to Alexa Bliss and her reaction to a match she lost. While we could not find the original temper tantrum, this GIF does give you some good insight into her acting chops.





Worst WWE Moment Roman Reigns

It as hard to pin down a moment, but we are still not sure what WWE is thinking each time they send out Reigns to a chorus of boos. It has not changed throughout the year and yet we still see them angling to give him a title shot.

Best Video Game Kirby Planet Robobot

The pink puffball’s new title this year became an instant favorite thanks the robotic armor and host of new abilities. Planet Robobot earned  a spot on our top five Kirby list thanks to the fun gameplay.

Worst Video Game Zombie Defense

There is nothing better than killing zombies but in Zombie Defense, some of the fun is taken out of it. There was a decent premise behind the RTS and with a few changes it could be better.

Best Comic Batman TMNT # 5

We were not sure what to think of the crossover but it was hard to pass on when we saw the cover art. The story was intriguing and how could you not love seeing the interactions between the turtles and the Dark Knight.

Worst Comic Scooby Apocalypse

This comic was a reboot of sorts and gave a harder edge to Scooby Doo and the rest of Mystery Inc. While we like the chance they took, we still feel it missed the mark. Perhaps we would have felt differently if the first comic drew us in better.

Let us know if there is anything on your list for the 2016 Best and Worst.

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