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Our 2017 Hell In a Cell Predictions

2017 Hell In a Cell

The Blue Brand has a lot riding on their upcoming PPV wrestling event.

The 2017 Hell in a Cell takes place in our backyard this weekend and we are on a fence how this event will shape up for fans.

Our concern grew after we saw the aftermath from Summerslam and No Mercy. 

The WWE Universe has been growing restless with the stale storylines and lackluster performances.  Perhaps this event will help turn it around.

As always, we are by no means experts and just love to share our thoughts on the WWE world.  Here are our 2017 Hell in a Cell Predictions.

Gable/Benjamin vs The Hype Bros

There is not much to expect from the pre-show match except for maybe a heel turn by the Hype Bros. This is enough to get us to tune into to.

Randy Orton vs Rusev

Orton has been himself and Rusev has been himself somewhat. If Orton comes away with a win, Rusev is going nowhere, even with the sweet beard that gives him a square head.

Dolph Ziggler vs Bobby Roode

Ziggler has one goal and that is to entertain the masses with his crappy entrance. Actually it is to help put Roode over for the fans who don’t know him. Ziggler will lose but should make us laugh at least once.

AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin United States Championship

Corbin’s stock has been dropping since he squandered the MIB chance. Where as Styles has been solid in his championship run. If Corbin does not come away with the belt, he is still in the doghouse. The man who runs the place will retain.

Natalya vs Charlotte Smackdown Women’s Championship

It was great to see Natalya earn a championship but we knew it could never last. The Queen has come back to Smackdown and will have it around her waist by night’s end. It will be interesting to see where the Women’s division goes from here.

The New Day vs The Usos Smackdown Tag Team Championship

One of the most entertaining feuds is entering their swan song. The teams have come at it from every angle and will meet one last time. The Usos have been on point lately but there is no stopping the New Day.

Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens

What has been deemed as the main event for this PPV event, McMahon defends the honor of his family against the biggest heel on Smackdown, Owens. Some feel Owens might be moving to Mondays soon, but before that he will need to stake his claim ito the championship.

Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura WWE Championship

Mahal’s improbable championship run does not appear to be ending any time soon. Sure Nakamura is a rising star on Smackdown, but there is no need for Mahal to lose it. Especially when the WWE India tour is coming up.

Let us know what are your 2017 Hell In a Cell predictions.

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