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Our 2017 Money In The Bank Predictions

2017 Money In the Bank

Two briefcases are up for grabs in the Smackdown only PPV event this weekend but is it a good thing?

The 2017 Money in the Bank event stepped up their game by adding a woman’s briefcase which will help the Blue brand. However this does not mean the PPV event is going to be without fault.

To say the we were a bit off during our Extreme Rules predictions would be an understatement. But we think most others were as well. It also serves as a reminder how we are by no means experts and just love trying to figure out the creative minds.

On to our 2017 Money in the Bank predictions.

Naomi vs Lana Women’s Championship

Lana asked for her first WWE match to be for the title and she got one against Naomi. Surely WWE is not going to pull another Jinder and give her the title? Don’t pass on the idea too quickly. We could see Lana getting the title, then the woman’s winner of the Money in the Bank cashes in before the night is over. Nah, let’s go with Naomi.

Woman’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Five woman will be competing to earn the first woman’s briefcase so this should be special. Despite this, there are some limited choices. Charlotte does not need it to win the title, so she is out. Same for Becky, shame though. Tamina is just there.

That leaves Natalya and Carmella. Most feel the latter is going to win, which would not be shocking. We think Nattie has been spot on with her trickery, making her the perfect winner. If she wins, expect her to cash it in on Lana.

The Usos vs New Day Tag Team Championship

Can the New Day one up the Usos and become the top team on Smackdown? We would say yes if they have been wresting for the last few months. We see this feud continuing until Summer Slam with the Usos as champs.

Men’s Money in the Bank

Six men will risk their body at a chance to claim the prize hanging above the ring. Just like with the women’s match, there are a few we do not see being able to come close. K.O. is solid as the US champion and will remain there for now. Ziggler is a bit long in the tooth and has no benefit for carrying it. A.J. Styles does not need this to become champ again. We love thepresence of Shinsuke but it is too soon to lay it on him.

Of the final two, the most intriguing one is Zayn. He could be used similar to how Daniel Bryan was, which could be fun. Rather we see the creative minds going with the Lone Wolf. He would be perfect one to carry it. Each week fans could see him stalk the champion, teasing him about cashing it in.

Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton

We are still in shock Jinder is the champion. This is a big change from the 2016 Money in the Bank. Nothing has been special about Mahal’s run so it would make sense for Orton to recapture it. Except John Cena is coming back soon. We have seen it in the past and expect to see a Cena / Mahal feud into Summer Slam.

Let us know what are your 2017 Money in the Bank predictions are.

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