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Our 2017 Payback Predictions

2017 Payback Predictions

Wrestlemania brought some swagger back to the WWE Universe but can their newest event help keep it moving forward?

WWE is fresh off Wrestlemania with 2017 Payback event but wrestling fans are unsure what to expect about an event filled with so many questions.

Sure the names are not the same from 2016 Payback, but is there hope for something fun? Right now there looks like to be nothing major happening at this PPV event.

As a reminder, by no means are we experts at this. We just love to see if we can figure out where the WWE creative team is going.

On to our 2017 Payback predictions.

Gallows/Anderson v Enzo/Big Cass

The kick-off show will feature a pair of tag teams who appear to be dwelling in purgatory. Since Gallows/Anderson had the titles recently we expect to see Enzo/Cass to come home with a win. A push for a chance at the title should be up next.

Neville v Austin Aries (Cruiserweight Championship)

The King of the Cruiserweight division has been on a tear but it can only last so long. Aries is going to find a way to win this time around. Maybe Perkins will interfere and end up costing Neville to start their fued.

Braun Strowman v Roman Reigns

The WWE minds have shown Strowman can be beaten by Kalisto. This does not bode well for the Monster who is facing Reigns. Reigns will continue to show why no one can beat him no matter how many times he is beaten down.

Kevin Owens v Chris Jericho (US Championship)

The ultimate friendship turned enemy-ship is coming to an end. KO is going to remind the Smackdown world who he is by taking care of Y2J and sending him off into the proverbial sunset.

Samoa Joe v Seth Rollins

This will be Joe’s first PPV event which is the key thing of note. We would love to see Rollins earn the win but there is no way we can see WWE creative team giving Joe a loss here.

Bayley v Alexa Bliss (Women’s Championship)

The Hugster has had a decent run as the champion but is it over since the Queen of the Mic has come to Raw? Perhaps but we do not see Bayley losing her title in her hometown. Maybe she earns the win but we finally see the Boss turn heel.

The Hardy Boyz v Sheamus/Cesaro (Tag Team Championship)

The Boyz have not lost a match since returning to RAW and we do not expect to see them lose here. Some think Sheamus/Cesaro will turn heel. We see it more likely for them to split up when the match is over.

Randy Orton v Bray Wyatt

The House of Horrors match is one confusing one. Not sure if the title is on the line or even what is going to happen here.  So we have no clue where to go expect with the 13 time champion.

Let us know what your 2017 Payback predictions will be and why you differ.

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