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Our 2017 Survivor Series Predictions

2017 Survivor Series

November is here and that means one thing for wrestling fans, no matter which show they prefer.

The 2017 Survivor Series will be taking place this weekend and that means we could expect pure chaos in the WWE universe.

The WWE universe has been treated to some interesting story lines in the last few weeks and they will be culminating Sunday night. The question is can the upcoming show live up to the 2016 Survivor Series?

We are by no means experts, we just love trying to figure out what they will do next. On to our 2017 Survivor series predictions.

Shield vs New Day

This has the potential for an interesting battle. Sure the Shield is one of the best three man teams in the history of WWE but New Day is in the top five. We don’t see the Shield losing this match since they just got Roman Reigns back from on the mat.

Enzo vs Kalisto Cruiserweight Championship

Enzo is the star of 205 live and has brought some attention back to the division. While Kalisto is a better wrestler, he does not carry the same charisma as the man who can not stop talking. Enzo will retain the title.

Women’s Survivor Series: RAW vs Smackdown

Each side has put together a solid team of wrestlers. Alicia Fox and Becky Lynch are ready to have their teams rumble on Sunday. Normally it might be hard to pick between which side except for one person, Asuka. She is not going to suffer a loss unless there is a DQ involved. With that, we think Raw will come out on top.

Men’s Survivor Series: RAW vs Smackdown

Both sides are bringing out their heavy hitters as they attempt to gain supremacy over the rival brand. Smackdown has an impressive lineup but how can they go up against Raw. Sure they have two older wrestlers there, but they have Braun. He alone should be enough. Though there is the chance Kane plays a role in the match. It will be closer but Smackdown will earn the win, forcing a Triple H vs Angle match in the future.

The Bar vs the Usos

These tag teams are the tops on their respective shows and will square off at Survivor Series. The two teams will be primed and ready to go. They were impressive last time they met but look for the Usos to get the upper hand with a win.

The Miz vs Baron Corbin

The Heel vs Heel match is an interesting one until they get in the ring. The Miz has been a bright spot on Raw and we don’t see how Corbin is going to get the better of him. Look for the Miztourage to step in and make sure their boss earns the win.

Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte

Charlotte just won the Smackdown Women’s title and earned a chance to take on Miss Bliss. While Bliss has been on a tear on Raw, we do not see Flair losing her first match as the champion.

Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

Three weeks ago, this was an entirely different match. The creative minds decided to change it up and toss Styles in the match instead. If this was a match for the title, we would go with the Phenomenal One.  Since it isn’t, then look for Lesnar to remain undefeated until he loses the title at Wrestlemania.

Share your own 2017 Survivor Series predictions.

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