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Our 2018 Hell in a Cell Predictions

2018 Hell in a Cell

RAW and Smackdown come together for this annual WWE PPV event.

The 2018 Hell in a Cell edition proves to have some interesting storylines that may bring back viewers who have been disappearing.

We were a bit under whelmed after Summer Slam but there are a few matches this weekend that have a chance to turn it around. One thing is for sure, it should be an improvement over Hell in a Cell from 2017.

As a reminder, we are by no means experts and just love to predict how thing will play out. On to our 2018 Hell in a Cell predictions.

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman Universal Championship

Originally we had high hopes for Strowman capturing the title until the creative minds decided to force the heel side with him. Yeah, Roman retains.

The Miz/Maryse vs Daniel Bryan / Brie Bella

The story line has been going strong but we are not sure if Brie at 100% ready. Seems she  is still getting the rust off. Despite this, her and Daniel should earn the win to force a decisive third match.

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe RAW Championship

The feud has been increasing on the Blue network and while we love seeing Styles as champ, there needs to be a change. Things will work well when Joe brings the title home.

Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey RAW Women’s Championship

The proverbial rematch clause is the only reason this is taking place. We don’t see them taking the title off Ronda barring some story line out of left field. The champ retains.

The New Day vs Rusev Day Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Months ago, this would have been a better match for Rusev and English. The two were on a tear and at the top of the fan’s list. Things have dwindled so don’t expect a title change.

Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton

This match seems lie it has potential but it also feels like it can fall flat on its face. If they both bring their A game, then it could be an interesting one. Orton scores the win.

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair Smackdown Women’s Championship

Hands down this has been one of if not the best story in WWE. We don’t expect to see it slow down anytime soon. Especially when Becky takes the title.

Ziggler/McIntyre vs Ambrose/Rollins RAW Tag Team Championship

Thinking they put this together so the champs can put Rollins and Ambrose out of commission. Don’t think it will make a difference either way, but the champs retain.

What are your 2018 Hell in a Cell predictions?

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