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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

Our Best and Worst 2020 Edition

Best and Worst 2020

Thankfully 2020 is in the books.

We fine tuned our Best and Worst 2020 Edition and while had less to select from, there was plenty of promising selections for the year in review. 

For the purposes of the article, these selections were made if we personally purchased, played or viewed the movie. 

Best Movie

Wonder Woman 1984 closed out the year and earned the top spot with a narrow margin. The plot was iffy and the CG was up to the typical WB Bros standards. Despite those flaws, the movie did boast one of the better villains we have seen in the DCEU. 

Worst Movie 

This was a tough call but we had to give the nod to Birds of Prey. The main reason was because it felt like Warner Bros was trying to create a Deadpool version for the DCEU. There was some potential here with a solid villain but in the end it was wasted. 

Best Video Game

Doom Eternal earned the top nod thanks to the creative game plan and the various NPCs you need to waste away to achieve your goals. Sure the weapons may not be a s pretty as the ones from BL3, but they do the job.

Worst Video Game

Maneater was an interesting premise that did not live up to the complete hype.  There was some issues with mechanics especially when it came up against the human prey. Overall it was an enjoyable game to kill some time with.

Best Pop Figure

Close call here, but we went with the Venomized Red Goblin. Funko did a solid job with the design and placing it on the glider was the cherry on top.

What are your Best and Worst 2020 thoughts?

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