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Our Choices for the New Avengers

Phase 5 is hear and the time has come to select the New Avengers who will be around in the end.

In the coming years, we will find out who the New Avengers will be, but until then we have plenty of possibilities for the collective to choose from.

Will they go with fan favorites? Maybe they are following a specific comic arc?

More importantly, we think whoever is chosen for to be part of the new group, there should be room for character development.

On to our list for potential New Avengers.

Captain America – Sam joined the MCU as Falcon but over the years his role has grown. The new standard bearer for Captain America, he will prove to be the leader the group needs to help them move forward in the MCU.

Doctor Stranger – Maybe he is the reason behind the opening of the multiverses, but he could be the reason why they succeed in saving them. His powers are unique and barring the injection of anyone from left field, he should have a permanent role.

She-Hulk – Every time needs a heavy hitter, and they have in one with She-Hulk. She has the ability to pack a punch

Iron Heart – Every set needs someone who can focus on tech, and Iron Heart is the one for the job. She could have an interesting arc to see her character to grow into the role.

Shang-Chi – We think he has the chance to be the heart of the group. We had a glimpse of it in his first appearence and we would love to see him grow into a larger role for the team.

Sure this list may not be perfect, nor viable in the eyes of Feige, but we think it will work.

Who would be your choices for the upcoming New Avengers?

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