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Our Concerns with Birds of Prey

Concerns with Birds of Prey

The newest DC Comics movie comes out this Friday but we are not so sure it will be a hit.

Our concerns with Birds of Prey may not be the most obvious potential problems or ones people are considering but we felt the need to share.

Suicide Squad had one bright spot, Harley Quinn. Which meant she was going to have her own movie. When they first announced Birds of Prey, there was hope. The more we watched trailers and read articles, our concern started to grow.

To the point where we wanted our thoughts. Here are some potential issues for a movie we said was a must see.

1. Lack if screen time of the rest of the Birds of Prey – Sure Birds of Prey is the title of the movie but the first trailer would have you think otherwise. It seems like a straight up Harley Quinn movie. Perhaps the movie is a journey from Harley being on her own until she joins them.  That could be an acceptable path if done right. 

2. Deadpool – Perhaps it was how they laid our the newest trailer. But with how Harley breaks the fourth wall,  we fill they may be trying to make her more like Red. This would be a mistake in our eyes. One that could ruin the series before it starts.

We think there is a lot riding on this Birds of Prey movie.  If it bombs, it may hurt the popularity of the character. Personally we hope we are wrong and the movie helps bring her more into the limelight.

Do you have any concerns with the upcoming Birds of Prey movie?

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