Our Concerns With the Captain Marvel Movie

Concerns with the Captain Marvel movie

There is a chance Marvel loses some of their shine with their next installment.

The first Marvel movie of 2019 is coming out this weekend and boy do we have some concerns with the Captain Marvel movie.

Marvel has been on a streak as of late, but it did not always come so easy for them earlier on. We are looking at you Hulk or the Incredible Hulk.

But to think they are infallible would be an error in judgement. We feel they may lose some of their shine with their newest movie.

On to our concerns with the Captain Marvel movie.

For starters, it is the feel of the trailer. Sure we did not expect the same level of energy as Black Panther but we had hoped for more.

There is some action, but it feels like run of the mill stuff. We would have preferred the same attention to the trailer like they did to the website.

Another concern we have is Brie Larson. She seems to be going through the paces in the movie. Maybe they directed her to keep a stone face to try and play up her toughness but it feels off. From we have seen, every other character seems to be more memorable.

The last issue we have based on the trailer is the Skrulls. Some of the CGI looks like a weird makeup effect. We hope it is not what they were going for. But it could be because they were working on cleaning it up. This has been a strong suit of Marvel but it could be a misstep in this one.

In the end, Captain Marvel should be a decent Marvel movie but nothing earth shattering. Make sure to come back and check out our review after the weekend.

Let us know what if you have any concerns with the Captain Marvel movie.

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