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Our Favorite DC Villains

The kiddo and I decided to take our turn on selecting our favorite DC villains. We sat down and used our limited DC knowledge to figure out which villains we were put at the top of our list.

The problem is there are so many good ones to choice from. So after weeding them out and leaving some good ones off the list, we came up with our favorite DC villains.

The Joker Arguably one of the most well known villains from the DC universe. Even though there have been several different versions of him from the television show, to comics, and movies, the Joker has always proved to be a worthy foe of Batman. While we are not sure where it will go in the future, you can be sure this villain is going to beĀ  at the top of most lists for some time.

Deathstroke This one became a favorite of the kiddo once he found him in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Sure it might have something to do with how he dominated his friends in the game, but soon he found him in Teen Titans and comics. Guess it makes sense he is a fan of Deadpool.

DoomsdayDoomsday When you want a baddie who can beat the tar out of Superman, look no further one of our favorite DC villains.He is no slouch in the delivering the pain department and there is something very primal about it.

Solomon Grundy Our favorite undead, we became a fan of his from the Legion of Doom. This walking dead villain appeals to us on a few levels,. We especially enjoyed his jump into being the antihero every so often in the animated series.

Who did we miss out on with our favorite DC Villains and let us know why. In case you missed it before, check out our Favorite Marvel Villains.

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