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Our Favorite Halloween Movies

Halloween movies

Our favorite time of the year is almost hear so we had to share.

The month is winding down, but we would be amiss if we failed to mention our favorite Halloween movies before we had a chance to Trick or Treat on Saturday. 

We are not following the same formats as our previous movies list, like when we discussed our five favorite Godzilla movies. Instead, we wanted to discuss the movies that make the season. 

Here are some of our favorite movies for this time of the year. 

HOCUS POCUS – While this movie has been out for over 25 years, there is something about it around the holiday. There is enough craziness and creepiness to make this a perfect one to gather the family together.

Besides how can you go wrong with witches?


LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW – The first animated movie on the list is a one well before our time, but it still holds up. This is a must watch during the month to help spur on the feeling of Halloween. 

This one surely gave me nightmares about the Headless Horseman coming for me when I was younger.


THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS – The second animated movie to make the list is one that some may say belong in the Christmas category. We beg to differ and find this is the perfect movie to watch during either of the holidays.




TRICK R TREAT – The movie is for the older crowd. Somehow we slept on this movie when it first came out. Once we did find it, it became a must watch. The format of the individual stories and how they weave in among the others works.

Who can say no to Sam?


What are your favorite Halloween movies?

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