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Our Favorite Marvel Heroes Omega Characters

Marvel Heroes Omega

The game based on the Marvel Universe offers you a chance to play as your favorite Marvel character as you save the world.

Since the game has moved to the console, we thought this would be a good time to share our favorite Marvel Heroes Omega characters.

We started playing this game on the PC back in 2015 and have seen it evolve over the years into what it is today. Some of the changes have been good, while others are better forgotten about. Either way, we still enjoy playing this game thanks to the huge Marvel stockpile of characters.

We have tried every character in the game and wanted to share with you our favorite Marvel Heroes Omega characters.


What makes playing this character fun is the ability to either focus on his physical prowess or stick with his webbing ability. Spider-man has proven to be a blast for us either way. Hearing his trademark one-liners during the game is an added bonus.

Doctor Doom

This villain made it on our favorite Marvel Heroes Omega characters thanks to the various minors at his control. The wide variety of damage dealers make it easy for you to sit back and pick off the stragglers.We love his special move which features Doom on a throne and being walked around by four of his doombots.


When it comes to playing Deadpool, there is nothing new mechanical wise. he is a good mix of melee and ranged damaged. But what makes this a fun character to play is his different abilities and the wise cracks you hear from him when playing.

Rocket Racoon

Thanks to the hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket became a fan favorite of our household. which meant we had to give this character a try, We love the team up with Groot and the various tech he uses in battle.

Doctor Strange

If you are looking for a character who excels with AOE, this one is right up your alley. Sure Scarlet Witch might be a step ahead but he offers more utility for you.

Let us know who are your favorite Marvel Heroes Omega characters and why.

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