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Our Favorite Skylander Figures

While we were looking over our collection, the Dynamic Duo began to have a serious debate. Which of the Skylanders were our favorites?

We decided to sit down and rank our favorite Skylander for each of the elements. After much deliberation, here is what Power Boy & Legendary Dad came up wth.

Fire Element – Ignitor

How can you go wrong with this guy. He hits hard and does have a decent ranged attack to help get the bad guys before they get to you.

Undead Element – Chop Chop
This guy seems to be the favorite of a lot of folks. Maybe it is because how he looks or the fact that he can hold his own against anyone in melee combat. The one drawback we saw in the beginning was the ineffectiveness of the shield if you did not know how to use it.

Earth Element – Dino Rang
When we first got him, we were not sure how he was going to play out. But we were presently surprised not just with his solid attacks but his ability to defend himself.

Life Element – Camo
We managed to score the triple pack with Camo in it a few weeks ago and have to say he is a blast to play. Not only does he have a decent ranged attack, Power Boy loves the Melon Master.

Water Element – Wham Shell
When it comes to hard to find figures, Wham Shell was at the top. But how could he not with his ability for a decent ranged attack and the ability to use a mace. While we do not have this now, maybe Power Boy might received this for Christmas. <Wink>

Air Element – Lightening Rod
There is little to say about a Skylander that is formed after Zeus. How can you go wrong with the ability to throw lightening bolts.

Tech Element – Drobot
Drobot has to be one of the coolest looking Skylanders in the game and he hits hard with his laser beams. His voice also sounds cool.

Magic Element – Wrecking Ball
Not only is Wrecking Ball cute, he hits hard and takes out his opponents with ease. Hands down, this is Power Boy’s ultimate favorite.

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