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Our Favorite Villains from Marvel


Villains are an important aspect of any fiction work and Marvel has come up with some unique and colorful villains to match wits with the super heroes.

But what goes into making a good villain?

Is it the outfit, their powers, or something in their back story or perhaps it is which hero they are paired with.

We wanted to share with you our favorite Marvel villains they have come up with.

Venom Yes we know he is going to be on a lot of lists for favorite Marvel villains but how can you go wrong with him? Not only does he have some awesome powers, a great suit but he becomes an anti-hero.


Mandarin While some people did not like what they did with the Mandarin in Iron Man 3, you can’t forget what they did with him in the comics. Cold and ruthless, he was he perfect villain for Iron man.

Electro This is a personal favorite of mine. Not only does he have an awesome power, being able to shoot lightening bolts or to ride them, he an awesome costume back in the day.


Ultron We had this villain on our list before the most recent trailers came out for Avengers 2. It just goes to show you a how dangerous technology can be when they have the ability to choose.

Who are your favorite villains from the Marvel universe?

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