Our Final Skylander Giant Hunt for the Elusive Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball Series 2

Power Boy and I completed our last hunt for new Skylander Giants figures by scoring big with the series two Wrecking Ball.

We had searched the shelves at our favorite Target store and came up short.We accepted the fact luck was not on our side that night and almost did not mentioned anything to the helpful clerk who asked if he could do anything for us.

Instead of being given the standard line of “We only have what’s on the shelf?”, the man ventured into the stock room and pulled out the only box of Skylander Giant figures.

One by one came came out of the box, each time our hope dropped. The very last figure the clerk pulled out of the box was Wrecking Ball.

Lightcore Shroomboom

Power Boy jumped for joy and bounce around the store. He could barely stand still until we got home.

As an added bonus, we picked up Lightcore Shroomboom

Now all we have to do now is to wait for Skylander Swap Force to come out.

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