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Our Five Favorite Ben 10 Villains

Ben 10 Series

Who doesn’t like a good villain.

We revisited one of our favorite animated series to determine who our favorite Ben 10 villains were and to see what else people thought.

Hands down, the Ben 10 series in all its forms, was one of the most watched shows during JG13 Gamer’s younger years. We grew attached to the main characters and to who they would take on. 


Albedo – At first glance, the design was not inspiring but what they did with the character over the series was a plus. 


Malware – This was the second villain who won us over based on the character design. We liked how it was part of one of Ben’s earlier forms and the color scheme and dark desires was perfect.


Kevin 11 – We liked how the character’s arc changed over the years. We would have enjoyed to see him remain the villain for a bit longer but there was enough there to add him to our list.


Khyber – The villain capture our attention in the Omniverse series and held on. Perhaps it was of his pet dog and his hunt of Ben Tennyson. He sort of reminded us of a Kraven from Spider-man.


Vilgax – This one is the tops in our book. The Cthulhu inspired character design won us over and his demeanor was the cherry on the top. There were no others like him in the Ben 10 series.


If you were a fan of the show, who are your favorite Ben 10 Villains?

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