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Our Five Favorite Kirby Video Games

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Kirby has been one of the standards  in the Nintendo video game lineup since 1992 and there appears to be no stopping the pink puff ball.

The protagonist of the platform game has been involved in over 25 games so it made it a little harder for us to pick out our five favorite Kirby games.

Before we go to our list, we only considered games we have either played in the past or currently own. So there will be several games that are omitted.

This list is going to contain video games for the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii.

With that out of the way, it is time to share with you our five favorite Kirby video games.



kirby-epic-yarn5 – Kirby’s Epic Yarn

The game holds a special place in our hearts since it was the first Kirby game we picked up for the Nintendo Wii. The one main reason why this Kirby game landed in the fifth spot was it was the easiest of the group. Why? Because you can not die.


kirby-return-to-dreamland4 –Return to Dreamland

This game comes in fourth mainly because we felt the majority of the game was the standard run of the mill stuff. It was fun to be able to toss your fellow players at the enemy, but over time it wore out.



kirby-super-star-ultra3 – Kirby Super Star Ultra

We never played  the original Super Star but we did like how this game was compromised of a bunch of smaller games. The platforming games mixed in a wide variety of elements to make each one unique.




Squeak Squad2 – Kirby Squeak Squad

This game earned the second spot thanks to some of the new abilities they introduced, especially Bubbles and Magic. While the Squeak Squad villains had some moments, they did not do a lot to stand out as other past Kirby villains.



Kirby PLanet Robobot1 – Kirby Planet Robobot

The most recent game in the Kirby franchise has been our favorite. Not only did we get to see some familiar bosses, like Dark Matter, we are in love with the robotic armor. The ability to play as Meta Knight was an added bonus for this Nintendo 3DS game.


Let us know what are your favorite Kirby video games.

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