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Our Five Favorite MCU Villains

MCU Villains

There are plenty of candidates for us to review when it came to the best MCU villains.

We examined the worst Marvel had to offer, now we will take a look at our five favorite MCU villains we have seen over the years on the big screen.

When we sat down to make our list, we decided to focus on what made the villains stand out and why they proved to be better than the rest in the MCU.

In case you missed it, we previously discussed the MCU villains who missed the mark. Other continue on to see who are our five favorite MCU Villains.

5 – Winter Solider

Yes we know where he ultimately ends up but in the beginning the Winter solider was one heck of a villain. He went toe to toe with Captain and Black Widow the side.  Thought we will never see the full extend of his dark side, there is enough to know he would make his presence known.


4 – Ego

This was a surprise choice for us, but it started to make more sense as we thought about it. On the surface Ego did not appear to be the typical villain. That was until you learned more about him and his plans. What landed him on this list, was his casual attitude to his plan no matter who it affected.


3 – Ultron

Since there were so many variations of Ultron in comics, we were not sure how he was going to be portrayed on the big screen. We enjoyed the voice acting by James SPader and the path they took with this version. We do expect to see him back in the Infinity War movies.


2 – Loki

Hands down, Loki has to be one of the most popular villains in the MCU from the moment the first Thor film came out. Over the years, we have seen him fight along the side of his brother and against the Avengers. The one thing you need to remember is Loki only serves himself no matter what he does.


1 – Vulture

No one knew what to expect with the newest incarnation of the Vulture but we were blown away by the performance of Michael Keaton in Homecoming. Sure he did some bad things but you can see behind these actions to see what the man stood for. We are glad to see we can expect more of the Vulture in future Spider-man movies.

Let us know which are your favorite MCU Villains are.


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