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Our Five Worst MCU Villains

MCU Villains

The MCU has been going strong for the last few years, but there is one area they seemed to have a hard time making their mark.

The problem is fans have been dealt some of the worst MCU Villains in otherwise better than average movies, which can make the overall experience less than enjoyable.

The problem with some of these villains has been they are forgettable for one reason or another. Or they are just plan bad. This can be hard for Marvel fans to take since the universe is full of them.

On to our list of five worst MCU villains.

5 – Baron Zemo

Our problem with him was he felt like a bit part in the movie. Sure he was the driving force behind he confrontation of Iron Man and Captain America. The thing is they could have used a wide variety of characters to do this. They would have been better off saving him for a future movie. Don’t get us started on the lack of the iconic mask.

4 – Yellow Jacket

His idea was never that original. All he did was copied the Ant Man suit and added a few things. Also he never seemed super threatening in the Ant Man movie. We think they could have done a lot more with him to make him unique and stand out instead of the standard corrupt businessman. Justin Hammer was more threatening.

3 – Malekith

First we were not impressed with his look, they could have done a better job making him threatening.He had an ambitions plan with the destruction planned. The biggest problem we saw was he is not that memorable. We would wager if you asked Marvel fans who the villains were in the Thor movies, all of them would say Loki.

2- Whiplash

This is a villain we were intrigued to see in Iron Man 2 but he lacked the same motivational goals as he did in the comics. It felt more meaningful that what they gave us in the movie. It was also weird how we do not see a lot of him until the end of the movie. Justin Hammer should have been front and center as the main villain. See above under Yellow Jacket.

1- Fake Mandarins

Iron Man fans were excited to see him take the stage but were given versions no one expected in Iron Man 3. Kingsley looked the part in the trailers but fell apart when they said Trevor Slattery was an actor. Aldrich Killain turned out to be the true Mandarin in the movie and it felt like it came out of nowhere. They would have been better off with just the one fake villain. They would have better off saying the whole persona was fake but to give us a glimpse of the real Mandarin at the end.  Heck they had to retcon this whole scene in a short Marvel clip.

Who is your list of worst MCU villains?

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