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Our Five Worst Movie Villains

Our Worst Movie Villains

What is a hero without a villain?

After we spending all of this time looking on villains who make the mark, we wanted to share our five worst movie villains. 

Villains have a chance to really set the movie apart from others in the same genre. The problem is some of the better movies get saddled with awful villains.  

On to the worst villains we have had the pleasure of seeing. 

King Koopa ( Mario Bros)

There was hope here. The character had a lot of potential as did the actor, Dennis Hopper. None of it translated to the big screen and instead we were left with a King Koopa who is less than intimidating

Profion (Dungeons and Dragons)

One of the lesser seen moves on our list, this should be a good thing. The character itself is not special rather we should focus should be on the actor. The over the top acting by Jeremy Irons, you get a weird mix of screaming and grunting his lines out. There is no denying why he made the list.

Mr. Freeze (Batman & Robin)

We love puns as much as the next guy but the ones Mr/ Freeze dishes out during the movie are cringe worthy.  This is a big shame too since this villain does have some character depth. Maybe there is hope for the villain yet if they ever make the decision to make a film about him like they did with the Joker

Steppenwolf (Justice League)

There was a lot of buzz when it got out DC Comics was making an Avenger style join up with the Justice League. But who could the villain be? Lex Luthor? Brainiac? There are so many viable choices which would have been better than Steppenwolf. The motives were eh and the CGI was not inspiring.

Nuclear Man (Superman 4)

All we have to say with this one is that he was created from a single strand of Superman’s hair.

There are plenty of other villains we could go on about but thought we would stop. Now it is your turn to let us know which villain you think was one of the worst. 

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