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Our Five Worst Video Game Enemies

Worst Video game Enemies

Video games may have changed over the years, but frustrating enemies is one thing that has remained consistent.

We all have those worst video game enemies, whether they are on a console or on the PC., which have caused hours of frustration.

We looked at those enemies which caused us the most grief over the years. For this discussion, we did not focus on bosses. Instead we look at those most gamers take for granted.

Now on to our list of our five worst video game enemies in no particular order.


In Kirby’s Squeak Squad, one of the key members of the squad is Spinni, the “Speed’ one.  The problem is he is a pain to target as he is always running. He does not do much damage so you do have some forgiveness as it will take a while to kill him. On a side note, his ability “Animal” is pretty much useless aside from puzzles.


worst-video-game-enemies-demons-eyeDemon’s Eye

These enemies from Terraria may be little but they sure do pack a punch. The problem is they can be hard to target and appear early on when you are stuck with the basic wooden weapons.


Worst Video Gane EnemiesSilverfish

Sure these buggers are little and they don’t do much damage. But when they spawn, there are so many of them. There is nothing worse to stumble across these Silverfish when you have little room to run. On the flip side, they are useful in giving your friends a hard time.


Worst Video Gane EnemiesBald Bull

Punch Out was a blast to play the arcade except for one individual, Bald Bull. Sure this fighter could hit with the best of them. The real problem was his Bull Charge which did insane amounts of damage and always caught me off guard. What made it worse was you fought him early on in the game. He cost me countless quarters.


Worst Video Gane EnemiesMurlocs

The vile creatures were one of the most annoying enemies in the MMORPG World of Warcrafat. When they they were by themselves, they were not a problem. When they were paired up with a healer or worse yet a Murloc runner, they were down right difficult. Lost count how many times I died at their hands.



Let us know which were your worse video game enemies and why.


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